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digital marketing course,



• URL renaming/re-writing.

• Url Canonicalization(301 redirects using .ht access code).

• Optimizing websites by Analysing Clients Individual
Web Pages using Dupli- cheker,Copy scape for Refreshing Content.

• Text to Html Ratio, Website Loading Speed, Site Navigation Structure.

• Importance of Bread Crumb Structure.

• Competition Analysis.

• Analysis & Monitoring.

• Schema (Rich Snippet

• Keyword Research (Google Keyword tool).

• Title & Meta Tags development.

• Importance of H1, H2, H3 Tags.

• XML sitemap Creation, Html sitemap.

• Robots Text Creation.

• Keyword density, Anchor Text in web content.

• Existing Web Content Optimization?

• Competitor.



Directory Submissions.

Social Bookmarking in high PR sites.

Participation in Forums and Effective
interaction to get Permanent Back links.

Blog Commenting.

Classified Submissions.

Guest Blogging.

Article Submission.

PDF sharing.

Google Mapping.

Press Release Submission.

Deep Linking.

Search Engine Submission.

High PR Web 2.0 sites.

Creating Attractive Info graphics and
Sharing in Social Networks for User

Image Sharing Submission.

Google Reviews.

Yahoo answers, Quora answerss

• How to increase Facebook likes, shares, Reach for posts.
• How to find targeted audience on facebook?
• How to create facebook page?
• How to create Facebook groups and participate in a right way?
• Creating Events ,Customizing tabs in facebook page.
• Settings , Page roles ,Cross posting, Response Assistant.

• Understanding Campaign, Adgroup, Ads Structure.
• Brand awareness Campaign.
• Reach Campaign.
• Likes Campaign.
• Event Response Campaign.
• Boost Post Campaign.
• Lead Generation Campaign.
• App install Campaign.
• Video Campaign.
• Conversion campaign.
• Difference between Custom Audience and look a like Audience and how to use it.
• Upload custom audience and run ads for different campaigns.
• Retargeting on Custom Audience.
• Detailed Explanation on Reach,Impressions, Clicks, Click through rate, conversion,
conversion rate , link clicks, link click through rate.
• How to generate the reports after running live campagins?
• Analysing the reports and calculating ROI.
• Applying filters, Rules, break down and generating reports

• How to find targeted audience on Twitter.
• Creating twitter profile.
• Increasing followers on twitter.
• Using hash tags.
• Embedding the tweets.
• Likes, retweets, lists, Moments.
• Integrate twitter with facebook and other tools.
• Customizing twitter profile.
• Twitter analytics, Analysis.
• 3rd party tools to find targeted audience in twitter.
• Competitor analysis.
• Follows, unfollows, Net followers.
• Location wise follow.

• Creating Pinterest profile.
• Creation of Boards and Pins.
• Adding pins in relevant boards.
• Increasing followers.
• Finding right pins using hashtags.
• Increasing network in pinterest.
• Importance of image sharing and role
of pinterest.
• Indexing pinterest images.
• Repins and boards concept.
• Sharing pins.
• Pinning other pins in our boards.
• Pinterest analytics.
• Website analytics in Pinterest

Creating LinkedIn profile.
• Creating LinkedIn page.
• Increasing connections by using
various techniques.
• Discussion on 1st connection , 2nd connection, 3rd connection.
• Finding company pages and following them.
• Sending personal invitation.
• Who’s viewed your profile.
• Notifications, Messages.
• Lead generation using LinkedIn.
• Using Advanced filters to find targeted professionals on LinkedIn.
• Alumni to connect with previous employers or educational groups.
• Creating groups and participating in LinkedIn.
• Group access levels.
• Page access in LinkedIn.
• LinkedIn pulse and content marketing strategies

Display ADS.
• Inmail ADS.
• Sponsored ads.
• Lead Generation ADS


  • Tools and Techniques
  • Panels and workspace
  • Layers- Layer styles, Layer effects & Adjustment layers
  • Creating user interfaces of websites
  • Advanced Image Color Correction techniques
  • Typography and Type Effects
  • Digital and Matt Paintings
  • Creating Layout for Websites and Landing pages
  • Saving and Optimizing image Files for Web
  • Creating 3D effects
  • Color Management, File Formats, and Workflow
  • HTML5/CSS3 with various code-editors like Adobe Dreamweaver etc.
  • Introduction to various HTML elements and attributes
  • Application of HTML Lists and Tables
  • HTML Graphics- Canvas and SVG
  • CSS Concepts- Grid, Flexbox, Animations, Selectors, Position, Pseudo-class etc.
  • Bootstrap functionality and integration to the webpage 
  • JavaScript concepts and creative applications in web development.
  • Form validations using HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Introduction to JQuery and its various applications
  • AJAX Architecture- Asynchronously sending request and the response
  • Creating and Testing Responsive design for devices of different sizes
  • Web Hosting and Domain- Setup and maintenance
  • Web 3.0 standards
  • Testing and Maintaining a website
  • FTP controls
  • Installation and setup of Angular environment
  • Introduction to Angular CLI
  • Difference between Single Page Applications and conventional ones
  • A brief introduction to TypeScript and its usage in Angular
  • Integrating Bootstrap in Angular applications
  • Creating Components in Angular projects and working
  • Creating and using custom Directives
  • Types of Binding in Angular (One-way, Two-way etc.)
  • Introduction to Services and Dependency Injection
  • Consuming Server-side data (JSON) using HTTP requests
  • Routing Concepts, Configuration
  • Forms- Template-driven and Reactive

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